Our projects
  • Project concept: We deliver goods as for ourselves and bear personal responsibility for each transportation.
  • Start: 2016
  • Website: u.express

Mission: Provide logistics services for a specific client’s task.

Uexpress is a project for logistic services. Project is provided with a wide selection of directions for wholesale deliveries. Also, Uexpress maintains trusting relationships with airlines and large shipping companies.

Within the framework of the project, we solve various client’s tasks, including:

  • customs goods clearance;
  • warehouse services in China, including shipping control;
  • oversized cargo transportation from China;
  • container transportation from China to all world;
  • furniture delivery on individual design;
  • air goods transportation from China;
  • collected cargoes delivery from China;
  • express delivery from China;
  • wholesale goods delivery from China.

Work done:

We have over 50 satisfied customers. We delivered more than 7 tons of equipment and LED screens for the East Economic Forum, which was held in September 2016 and 2017 on the territory of the Far Eastern State University on Russky Island (Vladivostok).

Our partners:
Turkish Airlines
China Southern

  • Project concept: For providing high quality work at shortest time.
  • Start: 2014
  • Website: uasiagroup.com

Mission: We ensure that your order is executed at the highest quality level at all stages: search and selection of manufacturers, production control, transportation organization and custom clearance, delivery as soon as possible.

Uasia Trading is the general project. It includes:

  • consulting services for clients
  • working with large manufacturers from different scope
  • searching for manufacturing plants in accordance with orders received
  • controlling production.

The main advantage is a trusting relationship with partners, as well as high-quality and fast execution of your orders.

Work done:

  • Cooperation with Aydyn Gijeler. Supply production line of LED lamps, injection molding machine and SMT production line.
  • Desined and supplyed advertisement materials for Hungarian multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company Gedeon Richter LTD and communication agency GRATA-ADV.
  • Souvenir products for SOCHI-2014 Olympic games.
  • Tea supply for Ministry of Commerce of Turkmenistan. 50 railway carriage with 1700 tons of green tea were delivered safety and on time.

Our Partners:
Gedeon Richter Ltd.
Aydyn Gijeler
Ministry of Commerce of Turkmenistan
Inenergy Group
Verico International Co., Ltd.

  • Project concept: Make mining convenient and profitable for everyone.
  • Start: Uminers was founded in the early 2018 at the cooperation process between the company Uasia group and SCS group.
  • Website: uminers.com

Mission: We offer to all interested parties – beginners and experienced miners, investors, turnkey mining solutions from the stage of ordering equipment to logistics and hosting in our own and partner data centers with round-the-clock monitoring.

Uminers is a project, which is based on years of experience working with China that provided a large number of connections in various fields.

The main Uminers advantages are:

  • receiving news from the insider pool of China’s domestic market and from the major suppliers
  • team of experts: as the market in this area is constantly changing it is very important to work honestly, professionally and quickly
  • the shortest delivery terms: warehouses are located in Hong Kong, Russia and China
  • non-stop development: project specializes in creating solutions for industrial mining and focusing on creating the best software for managing mining farms.

Work done:
Founders participated in World Digital Mining Summit in Tbilisi in 2018 and in Frankfurt in 2019.

Our Partners:
BitMain Technologies Holding Company
INNOSILICON Technology Ltd.
BitRiver Rus Ltd.
SCS Group

  • Project concept: Against COVID 19 for worldwide safety.
  • Start: 15 March 2020
  • Website: ucovid.com

Mission: Ucovid was specially designated to help to tackle the current world crisis related to COVID-19 by supplying the highest quality CE & FDA certified medical protective products. We provide fast, reliable and transparent export services of medical products with own logistics solutions excluding any interaction with intermediaries. The company is certified and owns an export license for medical products of the 2nd category.
Our unique combination of product and market knowledges, manufacturing capabilities, operational excellence and strong logistic support has positioned us to be the medical product manufacturing and shipping reliable partner.

Work done: We have carried out a large number of orders for the supply of medical products during the Covid 19 pandemic.
The project has spread worldwide. We cooperate with large factories for the production of medical products in China. And also we have regional partners in the EMEA, Canada, and the Russian Federation.

Our partners:
Shenzhen Comen Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd.
Eurolab Ltd.
Katran Ltd.

  • Project concept: For reliable and safety lighting equipment supply.
  • Start: 2017
  • Website: 


Work done: We delivered more than 7 tons of equipment and LED screens for the East Economic Forum, which was held in September 2016 and 2017 on the territory of the Far Eastern State University on Russky Island (Vladivostok).

Our partners:
Grata ADV
AST telecom
Displ Ltd.
Led Screen
Live Interactive
Led Expo

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